On Learning How To Be Vulnerable

At times the emotions will grip hold of you at night when you least expected it. It could have been a meaningless conversation with a friend that triggered memories of a beloved person. And for reasons you don’t know why, you just break down and cry, and cry, and cry.

After a while, the loud unadulterated wails turn into shaking sobs, and the shaking sobs turn to silent quivering cries and the cries turn to tired breaths. Just when you thought you could trick your mind to stop thinking about that person anymore, your mind starts to wander back and you start all over again like a broken record. This goes on for a few hours.

When you have cried your eyes swollen, and your voice gets so tired from the crying, you pause and give yourself a few more moments to indulge yourself in the memories with this person. You muster all that you can to pull yourself together. You suck in your breath and will yourself to stop thinking anymore. You gather yourself together again. You will be okay. You’ll be all right.

They will be okay.

Everything will be okay.



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