Don’t Fall for That Girl

Don’t fall for that girl who’s always smiling.
When she’s alone, she twists smiles into tears, jokes into poison, laughter into violence. 

She’s exhausted from fighting her battles everyday
She will hide away at every chance she’s got
So while she may give you full charming attention when she’s with you,
you’ll be surprised to realise she hardly replies to your messages and mails,
you’ll be offended by her sudden disinterest for days when she’s not around
you will feel insignificant, unimportant and used.

Don’t fall for that girl.
Because she hides her secrets with her smiles,
and masks her past with her laughter
You will never know who she’s with,
or where she’s gone off to this time,
She was too far gone in the first place.

Don’t assume you’re different
Don’t presume you can fix her 
Don’t think about how you can break her out of her shell
Don’t tell her what she should or should not do
– she will smile and think you’re a fool

Don’t fall for a girl like that,
because you will need a lot of patience, trust and understanding to get through to her
She will make you as exhausted as she is
and you have to work really hard to show her that you have the capacity and strength to hold and unload her baggage for her – the baggage she insists on holding herself.
You’ll have to convince her that you won’t give up on her
– but the reality is she’ll tire you out so much that you eventually will give up on her

So don’t fall for that girl.
Because on the off chance that she ends up falling for you, 
you would have already moved on
and would be far gone away from her,

and she will smile harder and wider
and she will joke even more
and she will laugh louder.


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