What the Cold can Do to You

It was warm in the first two weeks here. But in just one night, the weather became too cold too fast. It dips to about 13 – 16 degrees in the morning and at night now. And my hands and feet always get so cold. The sun rises too early and sets too fast now. Nights get so long. 

There’s just too much yearning when the weather gets cold. Sometimes, you feel like gratifying yourself with a smoke just for that extra bit of warmth. Sometimes, you feel like seeking comfort in a cold hard can of beer. Sometimes, you get so tempted to pour every single thing about yourself to a random stranger because of the loneliness. I resist these on a daily basis. 

I leave my door unlocked when I get back, letting everyone and anyone to come in whenever they want. Quite frankly, even if I’m busy doing something, I always welcome the extra company. 

I’ll be going into my fourth week soon. Next Thursday will mark my first month here.  I’ve been blessed enough to say I’m getting along well so far. It gets lonely, but I manage. 

Being away from home makes me learn to appreciate and love my family even more. As annoying as they are sometimes, they have given me incredible amounts of support and strength for me to have gone through almost the first month alone without much problems. A friend told me I’m the kind of person who needs that physical distance from people for me to love them even more. “Gina, for you, distance does makes your heart grow fonder,” he once told me.

I hate to say this, but he might be right on that fact.