Day 7 – 11: Short updates (PW: a pokemon)

The reason why I’m locking these posts is because I don’t want anything that can trace me back to the company. So my passwords will always be same for these posts.

1/10: Met the HR peeps who drove us to a quiet resort owned by the company called Tsumagoi. The quiet retreat is so beautiful and quaint. We had a very short official welcoming ceremony. Since the lot of us don’t know Japanese, our ceremony was carried out in another room. We had to practice standing up and bowing on cue. We were given our official appointment letters, and once that was done, we went for lunch, which was exquisite. After lunch, we met our Japanese teacher. Within the span of an hour or two, we were taught a very simple self-introduction, which we were told we had to make during the dinner party later.

During the dinner party, it was a nightmare.

One guy blocked my way when I was on my way back to my table and he kept harassing me to get a reaction out from me. Fortunately, I spotted the HR guy Tanahashi from a distance and asked him to help deflect that guy away. Two other guys directly asked if I had a boyfriend. And Tanahashi, had to step in again to ask the guys to stop trying to flirt.

I thought the nightmare was over. But that was just only the beginning. The 6 of us foreigners decided to bond over drinks in the hotel room. But the guys forgot to lock their room door, and soon, every other guy just decided to join in. At the end of the night there were about 11 guys in the room. One of them was probably the douchiest dirtbag I’ve ever met in my entire life. He’ll say inappropriate offensive remarks, and it got to the point where there were a couple of guys who told me to ignore him because he’s a baka nihonjin (stupid Japanese). As I went to bed, that fucking douche had to follow me all the way to my room. I think he thinks I would invite him in.

2/10 – 4/10: Off we go back to the training centre. The following three days we went through full-day orientation where they talked a lot about health insurance, disaster prevention measures, pension, company welfare system, career development plans so on and so forth. The manager in charge of these three days was a middle-aged Japanese man. One of the girls and I ended up obsessed with finding out how and why his shirt can be so goddamm well-pressed. It was perfectly straight with absolutely no creases. And it doesn’t help that he reminds me a bit like Chiaki from Nodame Cantabile. God damned these middle-aged men…

5/10: Time to stop procrastinating and  start revising my Japanese.

p.s: WHY IS THE TRASH SO DAMN COMPLICATED?! AND THE BENTO SETS HERE SO DAMN NICE!? Sigh. Questions to life that can never be answered..


One thought on “Day 7 – 11: Short updates (PW: a pokemon)

  1. president says:

    Haaa! So you’ve entered the world of trash-separating…ganbatte ne. And maybe Chiaki-lookalike starches his shirts.

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