A story from a taxi driver

Today, my mom took me to the temple that held our ancestors’ tablets to pray for blessings. We flagged a taxi and hopped on.

On our way there, the taxi driver asked about us and chatted with my mom. He shared a story of a female passenger he picked up recently. The woman was smart, capable and married well. However, she was missing something in life and was on her way to the temple to pray for fertility – her husband and her have been trying for children, but she was unable to bear a child. She told the taxi driver that not being able to bear a child for her husband is the biggest regret of her life. During reunion dinners, her nephew would come up to her innocently and tell her, “Auntie, you’re so capable, and you have a good life and a loving husband, but you can’t even lay a single egg.”

It hurt her so badly that she couldn’t sleep for months.

As a female who has grown to love children, my heart broke just hearing that. The kid probably meant no harm, but hearing that still made my heart seeth with anger. If I was put in the same shoes as her, I would break down and not sleep for months too.

But the taxi driver said to her (I’m translating from Chinese), “I’ve learned in life that you should thank the heavens for blessing you with all the things you have in your life,” he paused, “but I think what’s more important, however, is that you should thank the heavens even more for all the things you don’t have.” (你要感谢上天给你的所有一切,可是更重要的是,要感谢上天所没有给你的一切啊.)

When I heard that, the anger in my heart dissipated. I learned an extremely valuable lesson today and it was extremely timely to hear such comforting words.

… Some taxi drivers may not be the smartest in the world, but I have and always believed that they are often the wisest people you will ever come across in your life.