The Constant Struggle

If it’s one thing I’ve learned since I picked up drawing as a hobby, it was that the creative process, be it in writing or illustration and design, is almost always an internal warzone for the creator.

Something can always be improved. It’s never enough. I would spend hours in front of my laptop and tablet, trying to push myself to spot the mistakes and correct them. I would keep spamming the undo button, tracing and retracing my steps over and over again just to get the perfect outline.  I’d get frustrated at myself sometimes when I cannot visualise the scene out perfectly.

Yet, I still do it. Finishing the product is always cathartic. It’s an addiction. That sense of euphoria knowing you’ve successfully pushed past your limits and extended the boundaries a little bit more. I can never get enough of it. But this feeling fades after a while and pretty soon, you’ll start getting the itch. But in order to feel that way, you need to fight a fierce battle against yourself and do it all over again. It’s a never ending cycle… but most of the time, it’s worth the struggle.


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