A simple reminder


Always Remember Your Passion

To the Future Me:

Do you still remember how much you love media and communication?

The first day you started school at the polytechnic, you told yourself to just do your best and never looked back ever since.

Do you remember how you would sit in front of your computer trying to do your best at design…
And hours will just fly by without you feeling tired at all?

….The euphoria you got when something in the group just clicks and ideas started to snowball one after another?

… That exhilaration and rush of self-satisfaction you got when you finished writing or designing?

… That flash of illumination when you thought of something big?

… That feeling like you’re in control when you were managing a campaign?

Sure, it hasn’t been entirely good to you. But it makes you happy most of the time. You always relish a challenge and it was always giving you new ones to achieve greater heights. You change things and it changes you too. That excites you, doesn’t it? I hope you never forget these feelings.

And if you were reading this to yourself, and all of the above feels remote to you… I hope you will be able to recall how much you love doing this… How much you lived and breathe this during your youth. And through this, I hope you gather strength and courage to keep going. To keep believing in yourself no matter what obstacles you may face. Don’t let anyone diminish your flame of passion and hope.

Yours Sincerely,

22-year-old You.






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