Note to Self ID#129081: Living with Regrets


Everyone has them.

Some of them you wished you had said or did things you didn’t do. Sometimes, you wished you didn’t do the things you did or said the things you said. All the possibilities running through your mind. Maybe, maybe things would be different. Maybe things wouldn’t have to be this way. It could have been better. You could be happier. Things wouldn’t have to change. Maybe you could have done so much better if you hadn’t made that stupid mistake. You wouldn’t have to have this knot in your heart.

But that’s it. You’re always going to left wondering.

And nobody really knows if it would really turn out for the better if you hadn’t taken that step. What if things turn out worse? Have you ever thought of that possibility? What’s done is done. Forgive yourself and let it go. Stop ruminating. You did your best and make what seems to be the most appropriate decision at that point of time. You did your best. But hey, shit happens sometimes. You shouldn’t beat yourself all over it for trying your best. Mistakes are there so you can learn and grow. We can’t go through life making all perfect decisions. Some people take pride in never making mistakes. They hold it to the utmost regard. But they are almost always the most uptight people I have ever known.

I’m not saying: that having that sense of responsibility and taking the time to research in order to reach the best decision is wrong or bad. In fact, I think it’s a good habit otherwise you’ll just be banging into walls unnecessarily everywhere you go. What I mean is when things don’t turn out the way you wanted it to, that you’ve to learn to take it in your stride and learn to be comfortable living with regrets, and not let them get you down any more than it should. Cry, then brush yourself off and learn from experience. And tomorrow, you’re going to be a better man than yesterday.

As I quote from the show HIMYM: “If the eggs are already broken, might as well make omelette.”

Life’s a harsh teacher as it is already. So there’s no need to pump up the pressure even more by being harsh on yourself too. Because if even you are harsh with yourself, then who else would be nice to you? Only you can control your own thoughts and actions.

So heck with it, might as well be happy.

… and I end off with a little remake of an old work of mine as a little note to self:


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