The Elite Factory


When you were younger, you said to yourself you were going to change things.

You told yourself that you are going to work as hard as you can. Because the only way to make a real significant difference is to be at the top.

You tell yourself that all these hard work is going to pay off someday. You were made for great things.

But as life goes on, it suddenly dawn on to you that the ceiling is a lot shorter than it looks. And no matter how many times you jumped, you’d hit your head and hurt yourself.

You look around you and it seems like everyone else has a higher ceiling. But you can’t leave the trampoline, They say, it’s the trampoline you have chosen.

So you continue to jump anyways. Afterall, if you were going to change things, then surely you must overcome every obstacle in the way.

So you jumped and jumped and jumped with all your might.

The ceiling began to crack.

You jumped further. You jumped higher. You jumped as if your life depended on it. Just a little bit more, you said to yourself, just hang in there! Your head starts to bleed like crazy; but that’s okay, you told yourself, pretty soon you’ll be able to make a difference for people. Soon, you will be able to achieve your goal!

Finally, you broke free of the ceiling. A sense of relief washes  over you. Finally, it’s over. Now….

Now what?

Because your head is hurt so badly, you were starting to forget.

Who were you before? Why were you here in the first place?

You can’t remember. All you know is that the pain is over and you could reach as high as you wanted. All you know is that you’ve bled like crazy to be where you are right now. All you know, all you can see, all you can think about is that you deserve all the good things you are enjoying right now because you’ve went through hell for this. You practically bled yourself out for this.

So you laugh at the people below. You see them struggling and you tell them to just give up. Those laughable pathetic people! As if they were as great as you to be able to break the ceiling! Ha! Not in a million years!

Why, yes..

You’ve already forgotten who you once were. Change? What’s there to change, you wonder. Everything is going so well. There’s nothing left to change, only perhaps the naive mindsets of all the people below who are still struggling.

And so, life goes on…

The memories of you before are now blurry; It’s almost like being in someone else’s dream. It’s funny, even, to recall that you never wanted to be like Them and yet here you are now. You’ve blended in well with the rest. You’ve become a part of Their family.

There’s no turning back now.


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