Baby Steps to Maintain the Peace

Ever had one of those days when it seems like no matter where you look, everyone seem to be doing just fine. Even if they aren’t, they seem to make it so easy pretending like they’re doing fine.

But here’s the truth: It’s difficult to stay happy. Heck, it is the most difficult thing to do in the world. It’s easy to stay morose and moody about everything in life. I know that because well, I think I’m the most morose person I’ve ever known in my life. I doubt anyone could beat my level. But over the years, I have learned to catch myself and stop ruminating. I may not get out of an emotional slump in a jiffy, but I do know a few tips to not let myself go down that spiral of doom.

1) Be aware
I know this is going to sound like a pretty dumb thing to say, but you would be surprised to know just how many people let themselves get drenched by that hanging cloud of doom and barely even notice that they’ll soon be drowning themselves. Once you notice that your moods are down and have been so for a while, then the next step to do is…

2) Acknowledge the feeling
There’s nothing wrong with being sad or moody. That’s just the way of life. Sometimes it’s up, sometimes it’s down. That doesn’t mean you’re weak or useless. Acknowledge that a certain event has triggered these negative thoughts and emotions. Try to work on why you are feeling this way and what was the cause of this reaction. Then, you would have to make an important decision…

3) ‘Do I want to continue feeling like this?’
The truth is, nothing will change unless you decide that you want to change. No one can help you feel better unless you want to feel better. Too often we lock ourselves up in our own dark thoughts and it spirals out of control. Too often it’s because we just don’t want to look up.

3) “This, too, shall pass.”
Once you tell yourself that you will not succumb to the evil alterego’s voice in your head, whenever you find that the voices are coming back to whisper many evil and dark things to get to your mood, pull the brakes there. Shut them up like a diva shaking her head and her swagger finger and go, “No! Uh-uh you ain’t gonna bring the house down on this one! Nuh-uh, oh no you ain’t!

There are a few things I like to do when I’m down. Exercise seems to be the best solution. It’s a known fact that exercise releases endorphins that makes you high. Also, when you’re under stress, your body produces this hormone that makes your moods go crazy if it stays in your body for too long. There are only three ways to ‘purge’ this out: (1) Crying, don’t be shy! It’s catharsis when you cry it out; (2) Peeing, however weird that may sound and; (3) Exercising!

Do something you enjoy doing or something that you’re good at. I love to blog it out, draw or take photos of cute kittens (WHO CAN RESIST THE GODLY POWER OF KITTENS?!). And if I can’t find any kittens around, I usually tumblr it and just melt in front of my laptop screen.

Also, every time you think you’re dealing with a lost cause and that you can never be happy, believe that this is a momentary feeling and it will soon pass! The only constant thing in life is change; Every moment, every emotion, every thought is only fleeting. It’s how you make use of it that counts. Do you want to use them to make yourself stronger or weaker?

If you find that it’s difficult to stop yourself from ruminating and those dark thoughts just keep coming back, another way is to allow yourself just a small amount of time (it could be as short as 5 minutes or go up to no more than an hour) of the day to just ruminate all you want. Indulge yourself; Think about all the things that went wrong, why it did, how it did, what you could have done to make it better. Think about it all you want for that period of time. And once that time is up, put that swagger finger up and focus on the rest of your day completing whatever that needs to be completed to move forward.

Dark, bleak moods can consume and overwhelm us so much that it stops us from being productive and moving forward. So I hope that by following these few simple steps, you could emerge a winner and not let them take over!

Good luck!


2 thoughts on “Baby Steps to Maintain the Peace

  1. Wei Ling says:

    SAMA!! I LOVE THIS POST!!! *Clicks on the imaginary LOVE button**

    As I was reading this post, I was thinking, yeah, I went through these steps too :)


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