I’m considering shutting down this blog or rather…

I’m considering shutting down this blog. or rather, to make this into a semi-private one and limiting access to only close friends who are able and perhaps willing to put themselves through my emo. I started this blog out hoping to keep it sane and emo-free but it turned out that I became a lot more invested and personal than I had expected myself to be. it’s gotten to the point where I feel that there are certain things posted here that I do not want any random person to read.

perhaps I really am growing old. privacy is becoming even more important to me. and I have talked about changing myself before, and that really is essentially changing what people perceive me to be. so how can I expect to change myself when there are personal things that I have left here for anyone to be able to read?

if I simply lock up the personal posts, the flow of the blog is disrupted.

so I’m saying goodbye.

… p.s: I have set all my posts to private. It seems I can’t do password-protected posts in bulk. ): I also don’t think anyone would be interested in reading my blog posts again and quite frankly, I actually have half the mind to delete them all.

Anyway, here’s to a fresh new start. Once again.

p.p.s: Oh my lawd! I found the perfect site that allow me to blog at ease AND address my (sudden) privacy concerns. I’ll try it out for a few days and see if everything fits my requirements before moving over! :’D


5 thoughts on “I’m considering shutting down this blog or rather…

  1. Wei Ling says:

    Don’t shut doctor away from your life~~~~

    Try to stay positive! and oh ya, speaking of old…i’m older..president is also older! hehe!

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